About Us
Being aware of the great responsibility and the social role that employment agencies play in the labor market, MM Work Force is constantly striving to improve the quality of services. Despite the intensive development of the industry, market of employment agencies in Poland is still in the last rows in Europe. That is why it is very important to monitor the growth of the industry and to target it properly, following the standards of HR services approved in the world. This is the main task for us. Successful management is a fundamental development factor for all companies. The key in building competitiveness is not only an experienced team of managers, but also a cooperation of low-level employees. An extremely important part takes the rational management, functional management and human resources. We are well aware of this so do our best by providing to our clients comprehensive outsourcing solutions. Our services are designed to build flexible structures to help effectively manage your business. We know that the temporary work service is not enough to provide you with the safety and satisfaction while dealing with the Temporary Employment Agencies, so our goal is to offer you an integrated management system. We strive to provide you the most up-to-date solutions while maintaining high quality and efficient service.
Our mission
Help you grow your business and provide our customers with high-quality HR consulting solutions.
Our Aim
Improvement of the production process in your company and cost optimization through the provision of leasing and outsourcing services.
Our advantages
Professional consulting
Assistance to entrepreneurs and management in order to improve business performance.
Short order processing time
We are ready to provide you with personnel in the shortest possible time.
More than 1,200 people are ready to work for you
They trust use.
Reduce the cost of recruiting
Will help you to effectively manage recruitment costs.